US Cyber Monday
Late Deal Success

Maximising last-minute Cyber Monday gains



Earned media placements (in 48hrs) and links


C.A.R.O.L., a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online retail brand, approached us with a unique and time-sensitive challenge: to drive uptake of a last-minute Cyber Monday deal in the US. The complexity lay in the fact that the client’s brief reached us a mere three days before the event, necessitating an agile and effective strategy.


The primary objective was clear – to encourage the American audience to seize a last-minute Cyber Monday deal offered by C.A.R.O.L. Despite the time constraints, the challenge was to generate significant media interest and convert it into website visits and sales.

The Solution

Our solution involved swift and precise execution. We distributed a press release through bespoke wire services and complemented it with last-minute news pitching over the weekend. The key lay in targeting weekend editors just 48 hours before Cyber Monday, ensuring our client’s offer reached the right audience.

The Results

In just 48 hours, we had successfully secured over 250 placements across leading news, lifestyle, and business outlets in the US. These placements prominently featured links directing potential customers to the C.A.R.O.L. website, enticing them with the last-minute discount offer.

Most importantly, our performance PR activity directly attributed to driving direct sales for C.A.R.O.L, exemplifying how an agile and targeted approach, even in the eleventh hour, can translate into remarkable success in the online retail sector.

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