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In a dynamic travel landscape undergoing significant shifts due to changing consumer habits, Culture Trip, a prominent name in the travel industry, recognised the need to adapt and innovate. With travel trends evolving in response to factors like remote work, health consciousness, and budget constraints, Culture Trip sought to launch a digital PR campaign to resonate with these shifting dynamics and captivate the attention of both the press and the public.


Culture Trip’s objective was clear: Generate high-quality PR coverage and links through newsworthy content activity that would positively impact search rankings and drive additional traffic to transactional pages ahead of the summer holiday season.

The Solution

We developed a data-led creative campaign that played into the working holiday concept. The “Work Hard, Play Hard” concept, targeting the UK market. Our approach involved extensive research on major cities in popular tourist destinations, evaluating them based on crucial remote work factors like internet speed and juxtaposing these with holiday considerations such as accommodation costs and attractions. This innovative strategy resulted in a comprehensive global ranking of working holiday destinations. By analysing data related to both remote work needs and holiday essentials, the campaign offered a unique perspective on existing remote work indexes, tapping into trending concepts like “workcations” and “hush trips.” The campaign’s landing page not only revealed the full research results but also provided readers with ideal working holiday itineraries for the top three destinations, aligning with Culture Trip’s core strengths.

The Results

The outcomes of Culture Trip’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” campaign went far beyond the promised results.

We secured a total of 62 earned media placements, including in Euronews, MSN, Yahoo & Globetrender reflecting the extensive reach and resonance of the campaign. These placements had an average Domain Rating (DR) of 51 and earned 51 backlinks, with 41 of them being followed. This substantial number of high-quality PR coverage and links bolstered Culture Trip’s online presence, authority and trust.

The campaign gained an estimated 1.46 million views, demonstrating its significant impact and reach within the travel sector. On social media platforms, the campaign generated 4,600 social engagements, further underscoring its influence and engagement with the audience.

Culture Trip’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” campaign is a shining example of how innovative, data-driven digital PR initiatives can adapt to evolving consumer trends and navigate industry challenges. This campaign not only addressed the contemporary travel landscape but also successfully capitalised on emerging trends, making it a resounding success in the travel industry.

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