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Ooono Co-Driver n.1 market launch

Cracking the Italian market – how OOONO drove traffic & brand visibility



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OOONO faced the challenge of launching a new product in the competitive Italian market. With a goal to create brand visibility and outshine competitors, they needed a strategy that incorporated PR, influencer marketing, advertising, and product seeding. The Italian media landscape is dynamic, and the campaign aimed to grab the attention of tech and automotive enthusiasts, as well as regular drivers. The activity focused on generating earned media, influencer partnerships, advertorials, and delivering brand presence.


The primary objective was to launch the OOONO Co-Driver and drive product sales in the Italian market. The campaign aimed to generate substantial media coverage, product visibility, and public engagement. Key goals included improving share of voice compared to competitors, optimising brand discoverability through organic search and driving sales. By implementing a mix of PR, influencer marketing, and paid advertorials, OOONO aspired to amplify its Italian presence.

The Solution

The new market activation was comprehensive, incorporating diverse PR strategies such as the product launch, newsjacking, and journalist liaison. This was aimed at promoting the Co-Driver, establishing connections with key media outlets, and ensuring coverage in Tier 1 press. In addition to media and awareness, a product seeding initiative involved distributing the Co-Driver to over 100 recipients, including 92 micro and medium influencers, to expand brand visibility and generate user reviews and content. The campaign also utilised advertising with seven paid advertorials (articles and videos) and 93 top-tier syndications, showcasing OOONO across prominent Italian media outlets. Furthermore, influencer marketing played a pivotal role, with four macro influencer partnerships spanning YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Results

The activation was highly successful with impressive and impactful results.

We secured a total of 75 top-tier organic PR placements in three months with an estimated 3.1 million views – contributing significantly to the campaign’s reach and achieving a significant digital presence for OOONO. The partnership with influencers further extended the brand’s reach and built trust with the audience, generating 6.75K social shares and engagements, revealing high audience interaction.

OOONO claimed an impressive 87% share of all media coverage, compared to, and surpassing key competitors. The campaign significantly improved OOONO’s search engine rankings with branded keyword searches showing substantial growth and providing a strong basis for brand recognition and website traffic. Further to this, OOONO saw an improved website authority with its Domain Rating increasing from 0-8.

Overall, the campaign incorporated PR, influencer marketing, and advertising, leading to Tier 1 press coverage, heightened brand visibility, and strong SEO rankings. OOONO’s dynamic approach allowed it to outshine competitors and establish a solid presence in the Italian market, setting the stage for further growth and success.

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