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The Ideal Workout Playlist According to Science

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Putting our client on the map for gym-goers in the post-holiday gym rush. Read the full details of this case study for sports supplements brand Gensan.



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Gensan is an Italian sports supplements brand with a faithful customer base among semi-professional athletes and dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The brand is known for promoting science-based sports supplements that are developed through sound and rigorous R&D and testing. The company’s objective is to offer best-in-market products rooted in science for the best workout results.


We were tasked with building brand and product awareness by driving search, referral and direct traffic to the shop and magazine sections of the website, increasing organic sessions (by improving keyword rankings) and increasing the number of new users to the site. A secondary objective was to generate high-value earned media and links that would positively impact search rankings for key terms for the Italian market.

The Solution

We set out to mirror the academic rigour synonymous with the brand’s scientific foundation. We therefore developed research around the perfect workout tunes to improve training performance. Using Spotify data, we developed an archetype for the perfect workout song using 6 of the 13 audio features Spotify provides data points for (Danceability, Valence, Energy, Speechness, Liveness and Acousticness). Using this starting point, we mapped out close to 1.2K songs from Italy’s top 22 Spotify workout playlists by popularity, resulting in a list of 25 workout songs best fitted for workouts. We then created a branded Spotify playlist, organising tunes to follow a standard workout routine (warm-up, high-intensity, cool-off). The research, resulting data visualisation and embedded Spotify playlist were published on a landing page on the client’s website, and promoted to press via press releases.

The Results

The activation was highly successful with impressive and impactful results, earning the campaign a nomination at the 2024 European Search Awards!

Taking only four weeks to develop from ideation to launch stage, the campaign hit the press with a bang at the beginning of January 2024, just as gym lovers were returning to their training sessions after the Christmas break.

The campaign launched with a feature in Grazia Italy, followed by top tier earned media on Sky News, MSN, alongside Italy’s top nationals, Corriere della Sera and Repubblica. All in all, we secured a total of 28 top-tier organic PR placements in just under one month with an estimated 750K views – contributing significantly to the campaign’s reach and achieving a significant digital presence for Gensan. 

Moreover, the campaign page, well before driving any search traffic, was number three for engagement on the entire website, just behind the homepage and the most popular product page.

The ‘Perfect Workout Playlist’ case study for sports supplements brand Gensan epitomises our unique blend of data analytics and user engagement. By leveraging scientific insights to enhance workout experiences, we created a campaign that stands out not only for its creativity but also for its foundation in empirical evidence, contributing to a significant and measurable impact on the brand’s market presence. This balance of innovation, science, and tangible results makes this campaign stand out.

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