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Increase visibility and drive thought leadership at national or international level

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We support our clients with measurable and impactful international PR,

influencers and media relation services aligned with their business objectives. Whether you’re an e-commerce scale-up expanding into new markets, an ed-tech player working on gaining a cutting edge on your competitors in your home market or a service provider ramping up your brand visibility, we can make Public Relations perform to fuel your business growth.

Build your brand

and increase visibility in over 20 countries with international PR

Digital Trails enables established companies, innovative start-ups and scale-ups to increase visibility and drive thought leadership at national or international level, to attract investors, partners, customers and talent.

We go one step beyond a traditional PR agency, supporting your team from the definition of your communication strategy, all the way to multi-market execution and brand performance reporting.

We offer a one-stop solution for companies looking for effective international PR in multiple markets, with press office and media relation services across the UK, Europe, the Americas and APAC, at reasonable prices.

Build thought leadership and authority online for your brand

Gain a competitive edge through highly reputable publications & online voices – to reach your audience where it matters most

Build category leadership to hire great talent and be top of mind for stakeholders

International PR, content & SEO partners

with global capabilities

Digital Trails is built differently.

Our senior strategy teams in the UK and EU are supported by in-market delivery teams in 20 countries.

This means you don’t need multiple agencies or freelancers to manage initiatives in each market. We are one global team, with a single point of contact and one consistent approach.

We understand the needs of international companies – from startups to established players. Our clients benefit from our creativity, speed and ‘boutique’ agency feel – but with all the resources needed to deliver specific outstanding International PR in multiple markets and our reviews prove it.

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International PR strategies and execution,

tailor-made for
each market

Spanish is spoken in 20 countries, English in 40 and German in 6 – yet all have individual nuances, cultures and ways of working. To make sure we help you penetrate the right markets with the right messages, the Digital Trails PR teams are based in-market. They know how to navigate the complexities of multiple markets, with culturally-specific strategies that will help you get maximum reach for your message.

What to expect from our

International PR services

Stage 1

PR strategy & press office set:

Create and localise press office
Confirm communication & PR strategy 
Create PR calendar & build target media lists 

Stage 2

Reactive & proactive PR activity launch:
Start of agreed PR plan & outreach to media

Stage 3

Early results & initial coverage:

Proactive media outreach (excluding press releases) generally starts generating coverage around Month 2-3

Stage 4

Thought leadership campaign boost:
Add-on campaigns can be added in key calendar periods to boost coverage and media placements


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