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Cementing Bravo Savings Network's
International Reputation Across 3 Continents

Bravo Savings Network Thought Leadership PR case study

Global expansion, local impact - Bravo Savings Network's success story in leveraging thought leadership PR.

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Bravo Savings Network, a prominent player in the consumer savings/voucher codes industry, approached us with a specific goal – to showcase their recent investment round and the subsequent international expansion. Having secured substantial investment from a Luxembourgish Private Equity Fund, Bravo Savings Network was set on an ambitious path of global growth and market consolidation. While the operation was significant within the industry, it had occurred six months before our engagement and had a more pronounced impact on a European scale rather than global.


Our goal was clear – to generate high-value media coverage, secure interviews, and craft thought leadership pieces across ten distinct markets spanning three continents, including the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Poland. The primary objective was to establish Bravo Savings Network’s international reputation as a key player in the consumer discounts/couponing industry.

The Solution

Our solution revolved around localised strategies. This entailed creating tailored press releases, media packs, and media relations strategies to cater to the unique requirements of each local market. The goal was to utilise a blend of tactics, including Reactive PR, Forward Features, Newswire Distribution, 1:1 Media Relations, and C-Suite Interviews, to pique the interest of media outlets and secure high-quality media placements.

Our senior and core strategy team maintained an ongoing feedback loop, ensuring alignment between our strategic approach and the actual execution in every market. This collaborative effort played a crucial role in achieving positive results for Bravo Savings Network, even in markets with limited physical presence.

The Results

This mix of strategies allowed us to generate interest and secure top-tier media placements across various markets. A staggering total of 805 earned media placements underscored the campaign’s extensive reach and the depth of its influence. These placements spanned across various media outlets, including Forbes, amplifying the brand’s visibility and reach.

Moreover, the overwhelmingly positive sentiment of 98% reinforced the efficacy of the messaging and strategy deployed throughout the campaign. This high favorability among audiences indicated that the campaign resonated effectively and resonated well with its target demographic.

The campaign’s global influence was underscored by the reach it achieved, totalling 3.94 billion. This expansive global presence further highlighted the campaign’s ability to capture attention and interest on a worldwide scale.

A noteworthy accomplishment was securing a total of 173 followed links, boasting an average Domain Rating (DR) of 42, boosting online presence and visibility, thereby enhancing the brand’s digital footprint and share of voice.

This case study serves as a shining example of how strategic PR efforts can successfully elevate a brand’s reputation on an international scale while delivering concrete, measurable results across diverse markets.

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