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Menkind, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online retail brand, was looking to drive incremental sales during the pivotal Father’s Day season. Recognising the significance and competitiveness of this key trading period, the challenge was to create a strategy that would generate substantial revenue and significantly enhance the brand’s bottom line.


The primary objective was clear – to significantly boost sales during the Father’s Day season. The strategy aimed to merge content marketing, product PR, and reactive press office approaches to deliver immediate and tangible impacts on the business’s financial performance.

The Solution

The campaign, a finalist at the UK Search Awards, blended content marketing, product PR, reactive press office and affiliate marketing to deliver swift and impactful results, aligning with the Menkind objectives. The creative content marketing concept, revolving around the lockdown survey about fathers, played a pivotal role in securing brand-led media coverage, keeping Menkind in the forefront of the minds of UK audiences.

Simultaneously, product PR activity was strategically employed to generate interest from authoritative publishers. This approach resulted in a direct revenue boost through affiliate partnerships, thereby aligning the PR efforts with the bottom line.

The Results - Leveraging PR & Affiliate Marketing

The campaign delivered remarkable results that left a lasting impact on Menkind’s performance. Notably, category traffic experienced an astounding +220% YoY surge and the PR placements demonstrated their substantial worth by generating an impressive +£63,000 in affiliate revenue. This concrete financial boost underscored the campaign’s direct influence on the brand’s revenue growth, reinforcing its strategic value.

For their search engine performance, Menkind’s ranking for the highly competitive keyword “father’s day gifts” received a welcome boost. Previously ranking 5th in the SERPs, the campaign propelled the transactional keyword to an impressive 2nd position. This positive change demonstrated how the campaign improved brand visibility and search performance, leading to increased discoverability and inbound traffic.

The campaign’s reach and influence were further showcased through a total of 150 earned media placements. These placements spanned across various national and authoritative outlets, emphasising the campaign’s broad reach and its ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

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