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digital pr stunt for lost universe case study

Unlocking success for Lost universe with the "Binge-Watcher Dream Job" digital PR stunt.



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Lost Universe (part of the Gift Universe group), a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online retail brand, embarked on a mission to launch a new brand and e-commerce store. Their target audience? Pop culture, film, and merchandising enthusiasts. The challenge was to not only create brand recognition but also drive relevant organic and referral traffic to their website and growing sales.


Lost Universe sought to establish a strong online presence in a niche market and to grow their new e-commerce store. The objective was multi-faceted, aiming to generate branded searches, enhance organic traffic, and ultimately boost sales. A creative PR initiative was essential to achieve these goals.

The Solution

Our solution was bold and imaginative. We conceived the “Binge-Watcher Dream Job,” a digital PR stunt that quickly captured the imagination of the target audience. This idea offered one fortunate candidate exclusive access to all major UK streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more, for an entire year, along with a cash prize. The campaign was strategically launched via a dedicated landing page on the Lost Universe website.

The success lay in the campaign’s ability to attract high-value editorial links from top-tier media outlets, referral traffic from interested pop culture enthusiasts, social media referrals, and influential personalities who picked up the campaign.

The Results

The campaign gathered a total of 45 earned media placements, with its influence extending far and wide with an estimated 1.45 million views. This not only expanded the brand’s reach but also elevated its recognition among the target audience. Influencers played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success with a total of 64 unique posts shared by influencers, contributing to the campaign’s reach and credibility.

Organic clicks grew by +148%, showcasing the campaign’s remarkable ability to drive organic traffic. Impressions also saw a substantial increase of +57%, contributing to the amplification of the brand’s visibility and reach.

Moreover, the campaign excelled in creating brand recognition as branded organic searches increased by +487%. This campaign’s success was undeniable in establishing Lost Universe as a prominent brand in its niche.

The impact on sales was equally impressive, with checkout completions increasing by +318%, demonstrating the direct influence of the campaign on driving sales for Lost Universe.

This case study serves as a testament to the formidable impact of creative PR initiatives in bolstering brand recognition, driving traffic, and ultimately propelling sales growth, particularly in the fiercely competitive online retail sector. It also made it on the list of finalists at the UK Digital PR Awards in 2021.

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