Successful Digital PR in Italy

Creating Incremental Demand for
“Business English” Courses and
Increasing Website Traffic in Italy
for EF English Live

Digital PR in Italy case study for EF English Live

Driving Course Sign Ups in Italy through Strategic Campaigns and Data-Driven Insights with our award-winning Digital PR in Italy



Earned media placements


YoY increase in online share of voice (volume of media mentions)


YoY increase in quarterly organic traffic


and 2nd positions acquired for some key search terms


In the fiercely competitive landscape of online language courses, EF English Live, a prominent player in the industry, faced challenges in the Italian market. Established competitors like the British Council had already claimed top rankings on critical transactional keywords. The primary challenge lay in crafting compelling campaign messages tailored to resonate with EF English Live’s target audience and garner interest from the media.


The overarching objective was twofold: to create demand for EF English Live’s services and establish the brand as an authoritative figure in the field of language education. The strategy focused on generating a sense of exclusion and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) within a specific audience. This audience was made up of individuals looking to improve their English proficiency, particularly those who believed that their language skills could significantly impact their professional growth. The aim was to identify opportunities within Italy’s job market where English proficiency was a valuable asset, presenting a unique value proposition to the target audience.

The Solution

The solution revolved around an innovative approach: we developed a Digital PR campaign based on data gathered from Italy’s prominent job posting platforms. We meticulously examined positions that listed English language skills as a requirement. We further mapped out specific industries, sectors, job roles, salary ranges, and geographical locations within Italy where English proficiency could propel candidates toward career advancement. This data-driven strategy became the cornerstone of the campaign, visualised and implemented on EF English Live’s website. The campaign not only positioned EF English Live as an authority in the language education field but also served as a valuable resource for media outlets looking to engage with the story.

Digital PR in Italy - The Results

We secured 1st and 2nd positions for key search terms in the highly competitive landscape as result of the campaign, further strengthening the brand’s online presence and contributing to a remarkable +6% YoY increase in quarterly organic traffic. This growth clearly indicated the campaign’s effectiveness in driving visitors to EF English Live’s website.

In addition to boosting organic traffic, the Italian Digital PR campaign secured a notable +21% YoY increase in online share of voice, underlining the brand’s strong media presence. Furthermore, the campaign’s estimated lifetime views reached an impressive 664,000 and the acquisition of 22 followed links, with an average Domain Rating (DR) of 49, served as a testament to the campaign’s ability to enhance online visibility and credibility through backlinks from authoritative sources. What’s more, it earned us the accolade of “Best Local SEO Campaign” at the European Search Awards 2023.

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