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Bravo Savings Network Thought Leadership PR case study

Unlocking international success with the Smart Shopper Index International Digital PR Campaign

International Digital PR Results


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Bravo Savings Network, an established player in the consumer savings and voucher codes industry, had no previous PR activity, making it imperative to build trust and credibility while launching a broad PR initiative. The main challenge was to organise a widespread, multi-market content marketing campaign that could be easily adapted, localised, and promoted across different international markets and diverse websites.


The core objective was to create efficiencies with a cohesive multi-market campaign, utilising data as a unifying element that transcended geographical and cultural boundaries. This campaign would revolve around the “Smart Shopper Index,” a statistical index assessing the consumer savviness of various countries based on publicly available data sources.

The Solution

To overcome the complexities of a multi-market campaign, we harnessed the power of data as a shared language that could bridge the gaps between different countries and cultures. The “Smart Shopper Index” was meticulously crafted, providing a comprehensive evaluation of consumer savviness in diverse regions. This index was then localised and published on Bravo Savings Network’s websites across seven key international markets: the UK, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland. The campaign’s strategic approach combined elements of data-driven insights, content localisation, and widespread distribution.

The Results

This International Digital PR case study serves as a compelling example of how a data-driven, multi-market approach can elevate a brand’s international presence, boost online rankings, and generate substantial traffic and visibility.

The results of this multi-market campaign exceeded all expectations. The campaign secured a total of 316 earned media placements, further amplifying the brand’s visibility and recognition, and a total of 173 followed links, signifying the campaign’s effectiveness in generating high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. Moreover, it won the Best Pan-European Campaign at the European Search Awards 2022.

The campaign had an estimated 1.8 million views and achieved a remarkable +300% increase in traffic to main product pages, illustrating its significant reach, impact and ability to direct users to key areas of interest.

Campaign pages emerged as the best for generating links and were recognised as top-performing content, contributing to the achievement of an impressive +5 point increase in domain ranking across all seven websites.

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